martes, 28 de abril de 2009 quiere felicitar a Alkianis la hija de la morena..

Me complace decirles que Alkianis , la hija de la Morena y Alkimedes se gradua de bachiller a los 15 anos soprendiendo a todo massachuset por sus notas sobresaliente ...Esta pagina se siente orgullosa de su gente...
'A great future ahead of her' 15-year-old to graduate from Lawrence High
.LAWRENCE — Arquianys Martinez is too young to see an R-rated movie. The state of Massachusetts says she's not old enough to obtain a learner's permit to drive a car. She's still got a couple years to go before she can vote.
But at 15, Arquianys is ready to graduate Lawrence High School. She will join 600 other seniors wearing a cap and gown in the June 7 commencement ceremony, just two days shy of her 16th birthday.
"I want to prove to people that I can do it," Arquianys said. "But at times I feel frustrated because I can't drive, can't work or can't go to certain movies."
Michael Fiato, principal of the Humanities and Leadership High School, said having a 15-year-old senior is "highly unusual." An educator since 1999, he has never seen a student graduate at such a young age.
"It's remarkable. It shows her high level of maturity. She is unassuming, quiet, reserved and is much more confident than most 15-year-olds," Fiato said. "She's a very good student, who has a great future ahead of her."
J.C. Considine, spokesman for the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, said it's not unprecedented to have someone so young graduate, but "it's rare."
Arquianys takes it all in stride.
"It's cool, but I don't want that to make me," she said. "I'm the youngest graduate, yes, but I'm more than a 15-year-old senior."
Arquianys is in the top 25 percent of her class, ranking 150 out of 600 seniors graduating from the six high schools that make up the Lawrence High campus. In the Humanities and Leadership academy, she is number 16 out of 79 students, Fiato said. Besides being an honor student, she also serves on the Student Council.
Her guidance counselor Nick Garofalo said in his 20 years as an educator, he's never seen a 15-year-old graduate from high school. He says she is obviously intelligent, but also has a great sense of responsibility and "doesn't give up easy."
Arquianys says, "T,o keep going in life, you're the only one that can help yourself."
Arquianys was 3 when she began school in her native Dominican Republic. By age 4, she was reading and writing in Spanish.
Her parents, Evarista and Arquimedes Martinez, moved to Lawrence when she was 8. She entered the second grade at South Lawrence East School, where, after taking a placement test, she was promoted to the fifth grade. At 13 years old, she was a freshman at Lawrence High.
Last year, Arquianys was only 10 credits shy of the 110 needed to graduate. Rather than slack off, she signed up to take Algebra II and Advanced Placement English.
"I was really focused on college and if I slacked off, that wasn't going to look good on my college applications. I knew I had to continue and do my best," she said.
Arquianys said she spends three hours a night doing homework. But she it's not all about the books.
This 5-foot, 9-inch-tall teen enjoys hanging out at the mall, going to parties, texting her friends, playing football, baseball and even boxing, a sport she practiced for two years with the Lawrence Boxing Club.
"I'm a mystery because I am quiet and reserved, but also like having fun," she said.
For a self-professed introvert, she has a lot of friends. There are about 347 of them on her hi5 Web page.
Posters of Donatello, the purple Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, cover her bedroom walls. She is afraid of birds after an incident in the Dominican Republic where she picked up a chick and was attacked by its mother, but likes snakes, spiders and penguins.
She also keeps a journal where she writes her most intimate thoughts and poetry.
She said she has never felt out of place with fellow students two or three years older than her.
"I have grown up with people older than me all my life so that it doesn't bother me. I don't even know how a 15-year-old behaves. Do they play with Barbies or do they like the Jonas Brothers?" she joked.Read everything at

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  1. morena te felicito eso es un orgullo gasparense, te habla majere que dios te bendiga tu hija mis mas sinceros deseos

  2. morena te felicito eso es un orgullo gasparense, te habla majere que dios te bendiga tu hija mis mas sinceros deseos